At Wreckers Brisbane, you get complimentary services that are second to none when we buy your Vehicle and give you Top Cash for Car & Truck Wreckers with Free Removal Service. Contact us for a quote.

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Collect Cash for Cars & Trucks at The Time of Your Free Car Removal Brisbane

The chore of getting rid of a damaged, old, or wrecked car is gone at Car Wreckers Brisbane. We provide instant cash payments at the time we come to remove your old, damaged, or wrecked car. What more do you need?

How It Workscash for car brisbane

When you have a car that is old or damaged getting Cash For Car Removal is not difficult with us. We are a company that offers to buy every make and condition of a car for cash.

Our company is a team of appraisers and wreckers that are fully equipped to provide our customers with top cash and free services. Our fleet of tow trucks includes multi-car carriers, so if you have an old fleet of vehicles that you’d like to get cash for, just give us a call.  Our team of appraisers typically beat out our competitors with top cash offers.

We are a team that provides a system to sell cars that is convenient to most car owners:

  1. Give our appraiser a call or complete our online form to obtain a cash quote for your car that is in wrecked, damaged, or old condition. To obtain a quote, we will ask for the make, model, year, and a thorough description of your car.
  2. Accept or reject our cash quote. We provide quotes with no obligation to accept or any pressure. If you would like to think our quote over for a few days, shopping and comparing us to other wreckers , feel free to do so.
  3. Schedule a free removal in Logan. Our Logan car removals are quick and convenient. Once all the paperwork is taken care of to legally purchase your car, you will receive the cash. Please speed things along by having the plates for the car removed, and have the car parked in an area where our tow truck can back up to the car to load and remove it. Also, please have documentation that the car is yours, and your photo ID ready.
    Selling your car of damaged, old, or wrecked condition is that easy at us.

Get A Quote

Get a quote for your damaged, wrecked, or old car by calling us at the number below. Quotes are also provided by our appraisers through our online “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page. When top Cash for Cars matters, go with the wreckers in Brisbane that are professionals. We pay top cash.

Call us for a quote for your old, damaged or wrecked car at 0401 242 410